Acquisition of Used Telecommunications- and IT-Equipment

Before we can purchase your used IT- and telecommunications- equipment at our attractive prices, we first require some information from you.

Currently Wanted Equipment

Below we have compiled a list of currently wanted equipment for you.

The more detail you give us about the offered material, the better an offer we can make you.

Guidelines for the Offer Preperation

  • Detailed list of materials, including information about the extensions and the age of the devices, such as the quantities
  • Pictures of the materials. Computers should have pictures of the front as well as the back panel.
  • Include information on any licenses that may be included with the equipment.
  • Detailed information regarding the location of the equipment, such as address, the location in the building (ground floor, upper floor, lift available, etc), the accessibility of the premises with a truck, etc.
  • Will the dismantling of the equipment be done by your staff, or our technicians.
  • Your asking price
  • Appointments
  • Contact persons at your location as well as third parties which will be involved in the coordination process.

Comprehensive Consultation

Contact us over telephone or through our website. We will be happy to advise you!

Telephone Systems

Telephone System Power Supplies

Telephone System Accessories


Ofcourse you can also send a list of available modules. Here are several modules we are interested in:

Siemens / Unify

Proprietary/System Telephones

Additionally, we also purchase the corresponding system telephones

Mobile Handsets

System Telephone Accessories

Dismantling Service

If you still have a telephone system in operation, you can let us dismantle it for you.


Send us a mail or FAX with a detailed description of the material, amounts, and asking price, as well as pictures. If we are interested, you will receive an offer promptly.

We await your offer and remain,

with best regards,

your offers and acquisitions team!