Customizing & Branding

Abb.: Siemens Optiset E advance Conference Sonderedition Blue Star

By request of our Customors, we offer a customizing & branding – service for nearly our entire product portfolio*. Therewith you can have any product tailored to your corporate identity.

We coat surfaces of the equipment with particularly durable specialty coatings. Alongside the standard and original colors you can have any alternative-, metallic-, or effect -color applied. The photo on the left shows a Siemens Optiset E advance conference with a blue metallic paint. If needed, we can analyze color samples in the laboratory. Thus, we can even produce such colors, which neither RAL nor Car Colour codes cover.

In addition to the surface coating we also offer symbol printing as a special service . Here any symbol can be applied to the equipment surface via the pad-printing procedure. In this case, both single-and multi-colored prints are possible. Thus, we can provide the equipment with your company logo or any desired label. The pad printing process is characterized by particularly high durability and fine structuring. Even commonly used surfaces such as for example Buttons and switches receive a durable label with the pad-printing procedure.

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* Depending on the technical feasibility, depending on body housing model and texture