Abb.: Telekommunikationssystem HiPath 4000

Telecommunication (ancient Greek τηλέ ,distant‘ and Latin communicare ,share, impart‘) denotes any kind of information exchange over some distance. It is a basic need of mankind to express themselves. Thanks to modern Telecommunications technology, voice transmission and networking is made as easy and efficient as never before.

Our portfolio of telecommunication systems from the companies Alcatel, Cisco Systems, Ericsson, Siemens and Telekom offer maximum flexibility and expansion capabilities for any company size. Even systems for several thousand extensions or terminals can be sourced from us. All systems are refurbished by us and in a technically and optically excellent condition.

Of course we also offer the corresponding devices to each telecommunication system. Here you can choose between new and refurbished equipment. As a special service we offer customizing and branding, whereby you can for example brand devices with your company logo.

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