Siemens S30817-Q922-A301 SLU8, Refurbished

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Order-No.: 703
Manufacturer: Siemens
Condition: Refurbished
Part number: S30817-Q922-A301
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The SLU8-module board S30817-Q922-A301 is a subscriber-module-board with 8 digital U P0-interfaces for the telephone system HiPath 3000.

Compatible with the following:

  • Hicom 150E OfficePoint
  • Hicom 150E OfficeCom
  • Hipath 3350
  • Hipath 3550
  • Octopus E 20
  • Octopus E 30
  • Octopus F200 wall mount
  • Octopus F400 wall mount

Operates with the following:

  • Hicom 150E OfficeCom/Point, Octopus E20/30 starting at -A301 Hipath 3350/3550

Product condition "Refurbished"

This article is used and has been technically examined. It has, in its entirety, undergone extensive quality controls. You can find more information on our restoration process here.


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