Hardware Roll-out Services

Rollout-Services: Unsere Mitarbeiter beim Abbau vor Ort

Your company is switching to the next generation of IT- and Telecommunications- equipment. The old equipment should be dismantled and removed smoothly. As a rule, normal business processes should run uninterrupted even during a migration phase.

Overview of our Services

  • Purchase of IT and telecommunications equipment of all types including large systems
  • Sales of refurbished IT and telecommunications products and spare parts
  • Preparation of offers on the basis of stock lists and pictures to current market prices
  • Planning of the roll-out in your company
  • Exact compliance with appointments
  • Performing of dismantling and decommissioning on-site.
  • Professional cooperation with your system administrators and technicians
  • Ensuring the completion of transactions.
  • Management of transport logistics
  • Deletion of data and destruction of data carriers of any kind or destruction by agreement
  • Proper disposal of waste materials in accordance with current environmental regulations
  • TÜV-certified disposal company for electrical appliances

On-Site Dismantling

When dismantling in your premises, fast and professional work is especially important. Easily, improper dismantling can delay the introduction of the new generation of equipment. Expensive downtime and lost work are the result.

For this reason, we only let qualified professionals perform on-site dismantling and decommissioning. Necessary transportation equipment is provided by us.

For a smooth transition of the entire roll-out, our professionals coordinate all steps with your administrators and system-engineers. Herein lies our strength. In the implementation of new equipment, we also coordinate our work with your IT vendor. This way downtime of your business processes is reduced to a minimum.

Data Privacy and Data Destruction

We are aware that decommissioned data storage mediums can contain sensitive information. For this reason, all electronic equipment is kept under lock and key from the moment of decommissioning until the moment of processing and dismantling.

During the frame of time during which decommissioned equipments is processed, we make certain through extensive measures that any data remaining on storage media cannot be read at any time. Hard drives and similar reusable media will be deleted, using approved military standards.

Media such as CD's, DVD's, flash memory or SIM cards, USB sticks, and floppy disks are destroyed mechanically, since there are no reliable ways to erase data from these types of media storage. If desired, this is of course also possible with hard drives and other reusable media.

All handling of storage mediums out of your company is under the oversight of our operating data protection commissioner during the processing of the decommissioned equipment. Our specialists even recognize hidden embedded data storage devices.

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