Repair service

MontageIT and telecommunications equipment show signs of use or wear after long periods of use. This for example often leads to defects of the LCD screen, the handset (acoustic and mechanical failure), the keyboard or the electrical connections on system telephones. Poor UV resistance or the use in smoking environments leads to unsightly discoloration of the body housing. Therefore we offer a comprehensive repair service for high-quality ICT technology.

We professionaly recondition your equipment according to your order. In relation to purchasing new equipment you can save up to 70%. In some cases, new equipment is no longer available, consequentially, the entire system would have to be replaced.

Contact us, we would gladly give you a comprehensive offer for the reconditioning of your ICT equipment.

NEW! Repair-service for Defect optiPoint Displays


A common defect of the optiPoint - series up to 2008 is the failure of the display (pixel defects).

We offer you a professional repair-service for this problem. You send us your defective telephone or display in the housing, and we replace the display-electronics completely and run a function test.

Subsequently, we will return the device/ display with a one year waranty.

Technical Reconditioning

Devices from the computer and telecommunications areas can often have their operating software renewed which makes new or improved features available. Electronic components such as circuit boards, etc., undergo a detailed technical examination. All of our refurbished products are tested to full function, and leave our company in a functional condition.

Our specialists determine the best aproach for the technical refurbishing of every equipment-type, provide replacement parts and software-updates, and train our production staff in the application of the necessary steps.

Interior Cleaning

Equipment such as peronal computers, servers, or telephone systems are cooled with fans. This leads to the eventual build-up of dust and fibers inside the devices.

We clean the equipment by vaccuming the lose dust and fibers. Circuit Boards are freed from adhering dirt with special tools. Floppy and CD-ROM drives are cleaned with pre-filtered compressed air (water- and oil free).


Surface Treatment


Plastics are characterized by high plasticity and robustness. Their surfaces, however, show pronounced changes after repeated use or exposure to sunlight. Painted plastic components may have worn surfaces or flacking. Previous owners occasionally leave behind lables or the like.

We treat the individual plastic surfaces as needed. Contaminants are removed and stickers are removed with suitable solvents and tools.

If the surface can not be refurbished by cleaning, our in-house paint shop can apply a personalized coating. Our paints are chemically tailored specifically to the respective surfaces for optimal results and long life.

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