Siemens S30810-Q2191-C SLMAC, Refurbished

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Order-No.: 2518
Manufacturer: Siemens
Condition: Refurbished
Part number: S30810-Q2191-C
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An SLMAC board interfaces between the system and analog devices. These boards convert signals from analog-to-digital and from digital-to-analog. They support the following analog devices:

  • Announcement recorders
  • Dial pulse or DTMF analog single-line telephones
  • Fax machines
  • Modems
  • Music-on-hold equipment
  • Paging equipment

The SLMAC board provides 24 analog channels. This board can receive instructions from the operating system through the LTUCX board. It supports a line loop resistance of 1000 Ohms, which includes the resistance of the terminal equipment. It allows stations to be 2.6 cable kilometers (1.6 cable-miles of #26 American Wire Gauge [AWG] cable) from the system.

The SLMAC board generates its own ringing voltage and does not require an external ring generator. It supports V.90 (56K) modems with data transmission rates up to 50 kilobits per second (Kbps)

The SLMAC board has SIPAC shelf connectors.

Product condition "Refurbished"

This article is used and has been technically examined. It has, in its entirety, undergone extensive quality controls. We offer a one year warranty on this article. You can find more information on our restoration process here.


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