Leasing Return Service

The short life-cycles of today's IT-equipment, dissolving of leasing-contracts, and insolvency, calls for professional and comprehensive return management.

As a lessor, it is of great importance to you, that the equipment committed by the customer is quickly secured for further recovery and that the best possible return is achieved.

We Offer You a Professional Return Service:

  • Acceptance of preliminary notices of expiring leasing-contract
  • Communication with the lessee
  • Planing of the deconstruction with your customers
  • Implementation of the disassembly and deconstruction on-site
  • Management of the transport logistics
  • Ensuring of the completion of a return as well as the comparison of planned-vs. actual lists
  • Professional recording of the configuration and assembly of telecommunication- and IT systems.
  • Collection of devices and assessment of the quality (degree of wear, discoloration, damage, smoker damage, etc.) using a criteria check list
  • Residual value determination in accordance with current market prices
  • Timely feedback to the lessor
  • Acquisition through us or storage on request.
  • Proper disposal of waste materials in accordance with current environmental regulations

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