Your question about UnifyS30810-Q2947-X GMSA

Product description

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Order-No.: 6692
Manufacturer: Unify
Condition: Refurbished
Part number.: S30810-Q2947-X

Technical Specifications

  • 4 S0-Interfaces (BRI-1-4)for ISDN Trunk-Lines or for ISDN-user lines
  • 4 a/b-Interfaces (ANALOG SUBSCRIBER 1-4)  for Analog user lines (supporting the CLIP-funktion)
  • The RJ45-sockets belonging to the S0-interfaces are four-wire pinned. ISDN trunk-lines can be plugged in directly (1:1 cablel). For ISDN-users they have to be crossed-over
  • Die RJ45-sockets belonging to the a/b-interfaces are two-wire pinned


  • OpenScape Office MX/LX

Scope of Delivery

  • Board S30810-Q2947-X GMSA