Siemens S30810-Q2470-X200 DIUR 2, Refurbished

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Order-No.: 604
Manufacturer: Siemens
Condition: Refurbished
Part number: S30810-Q2470-X200 DIUR 2
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The DIUR2 (Digital Interface Unit for RMS2) forms the interface between the basic Hicom system and the remote switch RMS2. The DUIR2 connects/disconnects either one or two system highways and the HDLC link for transmission purposes. In this way the basic Hicom system can be coupled to the RMS2 over considerable distances by way of one or two PCM links (30 or 60 time slots).

The PCM30 signals are coded and decoded by the DIUR2. Changes of state, signalling information etc. (i.e. HDLC-I frames from the control to the periphery and vice versa) are exchanged between DIUR2 boards via channel 16 of the first PCM route. The HDLC protocol is used for the protected transmission of signalling information over the PCM route.

Either one or two PCM30 links are used, depending on the volume of traffic.

1 route:

  • 80 stations with average traffic intensity,
  • 160 stations with low traffic intensity

2 routes:

  • 80 stations with high traffic intensity, or
  • 160 stations with average traffic intensity

The front panel of the board contains a 7-segment display, a reset key, three LEDs (PCM links 1 and 0 and READY) and two R6232 interfaces (V.24). The upper interface is Port B, the lower Port A.

Product condition "Refurbished"

This article is used and has been technically examined. It has, in its entirety, undergone extensive quality controls. You can find more information on our restoration process here.


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