Siemens S30810-Q2096-X200 DIUS2, Refurbished

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Order-No.: 543
Manufacturer: Siemens
Condition: Refurbished
Part number: S30810-Q2096-X200
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The DIUS2-module board S30810-Q2096-X200 (Digital Interface Unit ISDN) is intended for the Siemens Hicom 300 and HiPath 4000. The module board has a digital S 2-interface for EURO-ISDN. The DIUS2 enables two Primary-Access-(PMA)-interfaces S 2 according to CCITT:

  • Incoming line-signals on line 0 and 1. Transmission-rate: 2048 kbit/s, Coding: HDB3
  • Outgoing line-signalson line 0 and 1 (line 1 and 2). Transmission-rate: 2048 kbit/s, Coding: HDB3
  • Every line-signal on the lines has 30 B-channels, 1 D-signalizing-channel and 1 synchronizing-channel per plug


  • Interface:
    • S 2M = Trunk interface
    • Da 2M = digital vertical line (public)
    • S 2 = digital vertical line (private) for the connection to HOST, SERVER,GATEWAY
  • Range 6 dB
  • Transmission bandwidth 2 x 2048 kbit/s (2 HWYs), consisting of  30 B-channels, 1 signalizing-channel (D-channel) and 1 synchronizing-channel with 64 kbit/s
  • Statistic for layer-2-protocol on the S 0/S 2-interface
  • Offers via the clock generator of the system a reference clock,  which is derived from one or both line signals
  • Adapter-plug for electric or optical transmission lines

The adapter-plug is not included, please order seperately!

Compatible to the following systems:

  • Hicom 300E
  • Hicom 300H
  • Hipath 4000 up to software-version V4.0
    • DO NOT apply in combination with the CSPCI control!

Product condition "Refurbished"

This article is used and has been technically examined. It has, in its entirety, undergone extensive quality controls. You can find more information on our restoration process here.


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